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Exemption from 90% of the value of fines -2015

08 January 2015

Administrative memorandum                           
Relating to the notification of the resolutions adopted by the board of directors                 

Subject : Exemption from 90% of the value of fines on arrears due in good turn of the Water Authority of Beirut and Mount Lebanon.
Reference: the resolution adopted by the Board of Directors No. 2 of 07/01/2015.

With reference to the above subject and reference,

Based on the receipts’ collection and invoices adopted by the Authority issued by virtue of the Resolution No. 195 / AM on 24/8/2005 (particularly Article 14 thereof). 

The Board of Directors of the Authority has adopted the resolution No. 2 on 07/01/2015 ordering the following:
Article One: The exemption of 90% of the value of fines on arrears on all unpaid subscriptions attributable to the year 2013 and before, save to pay the same no later than 31/12/2015.

Article two: assign to the Chairman Director General the mission of implementing this resolution, in accordance with the regulations in force

Article three: This resolution shall be enforceable immediately


We ask the Finance Directorate in the Authority to be notified of the resolution No. 2 of 7/01/2015 mentioned above, and work on the implementation of its content duly

Chairman of the Board of Directors  
General Director

Eng. Joseph Nseir

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