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Instalment payments Mechanism-2017

14 February 2017

Relating to the mechanism for the payment of late payments for the year 2016 and earlier
During the year 2017

Given current economic conditions
 In order to facilitate payment of arrears incurred by some participants

Adopts during 2017 the following measures:

First: The first installment includes the first year of arrears in addition to the 2017 fees,
The amounts of the previous years below 2017 until 2016 inclusive are scheduled to be paid in consecutive installments. All outstanding payments shall be settled within a maximum period of 31/12/2017, including the due delay penalties.
Second: The competent distribution departments shall prepare a schedule for the payment of arrears in accordance with the attached form in light of the reality of each subscription in the understanding with the parties, provided that the payment of all outstanding payments ends on 31/12/2017 and that at least one payment  of arrears is paid every two months.
Third: Water shall be cut off if the Subscriber defaults on due payment accordance with the time limits specified above and shall be applied against him
the ruling of Decree No. 14597 dated 14/6/2005 (Investment bylaws) and the ruling of the collection system
Receipts and invoices approved by the establishment.

Fourth: The participant who does not wish to adopt the staggering of reimbursement of water fees mentioned may pay all dues once.
Fifth: The arrears fees of water shall be due duly and in one payment in the following cases:
- On unsubscribing
- When reducing or increasing the amount of water subscribed to
Sixth: The acquittal certificates shall be given only to the owners of subscriptions which fees are fully paid.

Seventh: Should the subscriber fails to pay one or more installment(s) from the due amounts owed by him. All installments including full delay penalties are due from the maturity date of the unpaid installment.

Eighth: The payment mechanism referred to above does not include public sector subscriptions except for public schools related to Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Nighth: The name of the subscriber may be changed during he implementation of the installments formalities referred to above, provided to present the required documents.

Tenth: This memorandum shall be effective promptly upon it issuance and until 31/12/2017 and each procedure contradicting with its content shall be cancelled.

Chairman of the Board of Directors  
General Director

 Eng. Joseph Nseir

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