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Paying the subscriptions yearly fees of 2014 and subsequent

05 August 2014

Administrative memorandum                                  
Relating to the notification of the resolutions adopted by the board of directors

Subject : Paying the subscriptions yearly fees of 2014 and subsequent 
Reference: the resolution adopted by the Board of Directors No. 251 of 30/12/2013. 
The vide letter of the Ministry of Water Resources and Power number 3876/6s/2013 of 9/1/2014 

With reference to the above subject and reference, 
The Board of Directors of the Authority has adopted the resolution No. 251 on 30/12/2013 ordering the following :
Article one: to approve the staggering of reimbursement of the subscriptions relating to 2014 and beyond, on two equal installments pursuant to Article 21 of the investment Bylaws as follows :
1. The first installment shall be due from January first of the year of maturity and until the thirtieth of June of the year mentioned. 
2. The second installment shall be due from the first of July of the year maturity. 

Article two: This resolution was submitted to the approval of the Ministry of Energy and Water. 

Pursuant to the provisions of the investment bylaws, especially Article 21, approved by the Ministry of Power and water resources, in its vide letter No. 3876/6s /2013 on 9/1/2014 on this decision. 


We urge all directorates and departments, sections and divisions in the Authority to take note of the resolution No. 251 of 30/12/2013 mentioned above, and implement its content each within its powers. 

Chairman of the Board of Directors
General Director       
  Eng. Joseph Nseir      


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